Small Weighted Nymphs & Larva


Fish these a single flies or as micro Czech Nymphs, a #14 weighted fly on the point and another 12" away on a dropper make a fast sinking team ideal for searching shallow water. Also very handy on the point with Spiders on droppers. This set compliments the Goldbead selection very nicely.

This set includes:

Leaded patterns - Gold Ribbed Hares Ear, Killer Bugs,  Pink Shrimp

Copper wired flies - Pheasant Tail and Grey Goose

The leaded patterns are heavier but not as heavy as the Goldbead selection that carry lead as well.

10 flies #14  -  £3.90



10 flies #12  -  £3.90

2014pinkshrimp KILLER10 2011 GRHE14 grey goose 11 20PTAIL


P&P is free (minimum order £5)

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