Time to fill your flybox!  Buy as few or as many flies as you like, take the links to find patterns priced per fly.



'THE HEBRIDEAN CAST'    -  Point & Bob Wetflies for Loch & River, buy if you are heading North

NORTH COUNTRY SPIDERS   - Traditional tyings from Yorkshire, Clyde, Tummell and some Stewart Style

FANCY FLIES - added colour and flash, use in low light, peat stained water or a wave tossed loch/fast river.

FLIES FOR RISING TROUT  -  Dry and Emerger patterns to fish near the surface

FLIES FOR WHEN TROUT ARE NOT RISING  -  Goldbead, leaded & Czech Nymphs to fish deep with

SALTWATER FLIES  -    The Deepwater Zone, lures for off the rocks. The Tidal Zone inshore tyings to tempt Sea Trout & Bass

SALMON & SEA TROUT FLIES  -  Single & Double hook tyings to use on single handed rods. Wee Trebles.

TENKARA SPIDERS -   New old ideas from the East!