North Country Spiders & Weighted Larva 12/14


This is a set of flies suitable for any fast flowing stream worldwide. Key patterns that imitate a range of subsurface aquatic insects that fish feeding on in cold water. In the absence or rising trout try to get your flies down to drift across the bottom of the pools and runs on your favourite river. In heavy cold water try two weighted patterns with 12" between point and dropper, the combined weight of the flies sink quickly, cast across and upstream, mend the line to allow the flies to sink and allow to dead drift watching the fly line for takes. In warmer water, if the sun comes out the shallows of any water will heat up, stck the weighted fly on the point and use spiders on the droppers, 3ft between each fly means the fish see the flies at different depths, one day they will only take the point, others the top dropper. The weighted point fly acts as an anchor and slows down the drift of the team, a useful thing.

This set includes 18 flies and costs £7.90  

Point Flies: Goldbead Larva, Leaded & Goldbead Hare's Ear, Killer Pink Shrimps

Dropper Patterns:  Waterhen Bloa, Black Spider, Gold Ribbed Hares Ear, Partridge & Orange, Iron Blue.

All these flies imitate early season insects from Olives to midges, fish with confidence!

P&P is free (minimum order £5)