#20 flies


#20 flies - when they will take nothing else try these!


All these patterns are best fished on AFTM 3/4 weight rods that bend to enable you to fish with light leaders. These hooks are stronger than you might think but still need to be used with care.




The most common cause of rising fish on most waters, fish dead drift or try raising the rod tip to animate the fly

Black Buzzer #20 - 3 flies for £1.35 

Olive #20  -  3 flies for £1.35  

Red #20  -  3 flies for £1.35 



Sawyers Pheasant Tail Nymph

Weighted with copper wire, great for casting into the rings of a rise

3 flies for £1.35 



Killer Bug

This fly will work on any water, the more chewed it gets the more the fish like it.

3 flies for £1.35 

 1618 PTP

Pheasant Tail Pupa

Combines peacock herl and pheasant tail fibres, good all round bug pattern.

3 flies for £1.35 



 F FLY18

'F' Fly

Classic tying that tempts fish worldwide.

Olive 'F' Flies #20  -  3 flies for £1.45 

Red 'F' Flies #20  -  3 flies for £1.45 





CDC Shuttlecock

In the film special, use when other flies are refused.

Light CDC Shuttlecock #20  -  3 flies for £1.45 

Dark CDC Shuttlecock #20  -  3 flies for £1.45 



Try this on difficult fish.

3 flies for £1.45 


Bridgetts Midge

1920's writer with as much relevance now as it had then.

Little more than a hackle on a hook but will tempt fish on still or running waters

Grizzly Bridgetts Midge #20  -  3 flies for £1.45 





Long Legged Black Gnat

An imitation of all those tiny black flies that all fish love.

3 Long Legged Black Gnat #20 - £1.40