Clyde Wet Spiders


These are really mini lures, some suggest living bugs but moist are attractor wetflies.

Useful on the loch fished in teams of two or three and on the river as the light goes,

'The Big Flee' picks up larger fish last thing. Including:

Murrays Bluebottle, Reid's Assassin, Woodcock & Mixed, Magpie Tail & Blae & Harelug

10 flies #10/12 for £4.50 

2014 reids assassin 2014Blae & Harelug 2014 magpie tail 2014wood&mixed INTMURRAYS11  


P&P is free (minimum order £5)



The 'Wee Flee'

These imitate a large range of aquatic insects in all stages of life,

Swimming Nymphs/pupa, Drowned adults, Emergers.

This set includes:

Hen Blackie, Sandfly, Blae & Harelug,  Grannom, Cran Swallow.  #14


10 flies for £4.90 

2014cranswallow  HEN B;ACKIE 2011 LUG SANDFLY 2011  2014 GRANNOMWW


P&P is free (minimum order £5)



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