Specialist fly selections to cover a wide range of situations on still and running waters.

All cost £5. They are supplied in plastic boxes that make handy pocket fly boxes to slip in your pocket.

Many of the flies are patterns that are requested by customers - expect a few suprises! Listed in no particular order.



West Country Dryflies

Dressed with one hackle and pretty thin. Especially useful in pools and glides (flat water)

11 flies including:  Half Stone, Pheasant Tail, Grey Duster, Blue Dun.


West Country Dryflies #14 - £5

West Country Dryflies #16 - £5


Rough Dryflies

These are tied with two hackles and no tails. Use in fast water or on stillwaters in a wave.

Also a good top dropper fly with sunk spiders/nymphs on the point and/or droppers.

11 flies including: Black Spider, Pheasant Tail, Greenwells Glory, Hot Tups.


Rough Dryflies #12  -  £5

Rough Dryflies #14  - £5


North Country Dryflies

Tied with two hackles and tails these are ideal for any fast river.

11 flies including:  Pheasant Tail, Greenwells Glory, Blue Winged Olive, Iron Blue Dun

North Country Dryflies #14  -  £5

North Country Dryflies #16  -  £5


Dry 'F' Flies #16/18/20

An essential fly on all waters.The most useful fly to use when fish are feeding on small insects. Tied to float.

11 flies in this set


'F' Flies set #16/18/20   -    £5


Yorkshire Spiders

Use on any fast flowing river, use the #14 in fast water, #16 in slow glides and pools

11 flies including: Partridge & Orange, Snipe & Purple, Waterhen Bloa & Partridge & Yellow.

Yorkshire Spider set #14  -  £5

Yorkshire Spider set #16  -  £5


Clyde Style Spiders - The 'Wee Flee'

Imitates a wide range of swimming nymphs and drowned duns

11 flies including:  Sandfly, Hen Blackie, Blae & Harelug, Blae & Black

Clyde Spiders set #14  -  £5

Clyde Spiders set #16  -  £5


Clyde Wetflies - The 'Big Flee'

Larger patterns to use on the river as the light goes, also useful on stillwaters.

11 flies including: Reid's Assassin,  Teal & Red,  Murrays Bluebottle,  Woodcock & Mixed

Clyde Wetflies #12  -  £5


Tummel & Stewart Spiders #14/16

Flies that have stood the test of time. The Tummel Spider is tied short and with not much feather. It is a great imitation

of a drowned insect. The semi-palmered Stewart Spider will tempt fish on any water.

Paterns include: Black Spider, Dun Spider, March Brown and Black Gnats


12 Stewart & Tummel Spiders #14  -  £5

12 Stewart & Tummel Spiders #16  -  £5


Small Weighted Nymphs

Although these patterns are associated with chalkstreams they will work on any water.

11 flies including:  Pheasant Tail Nymph, Grey Goose, Killer Bug & Gold Ribbed Hares Ear

Small Weighted Nymphs #14  -  £5

Small Weighted Nymphs #16  -  £5


Cove Set

If you want some flies to drift on any stillwater try these. Fish in teams of two or three flies.

11 flies including: Coves Pheasant Tail Nymph (Point), Black Spider on the middle dropper and a Bushy Black spider on the Bob.

Cove Set #10/12  -  £5


The next set include the same patterns but are tied on smalller fine wire hooks, ideal for wild trout.

Cove Set (Wild) FW#12  -  £5