Wet, Nymphs & Dryflies for Running Waters


The flies listed on this page are key patterns for any running water. Dryflies are listed first, Spiders and Weighted Nymphs/Larva are further down the page. All prices are per fly.      






Deer Klinkhammer

High floating and very easy to see, one of the best patterns to use in fast water.


Tan  #14   50p each 

Tan #16  50p each 


Olive #14  50p each

Olive #16  50p each






Mayfly Straggler

This rather shabby looking fly will bring the most selective fish to the net.Tied in seasonal colours, mainly shades of olive and dun.


Mayfly Straggler  #14 -  50p each


Mayfly Straggler #16  -  50p each



Mini Mayfly Straggler #18  -  65p each 



 2018 RWF OLIVE 2018 RWF

'F' Fly

The only fly you need to imitate smaller Duns, Midges and the like.


Red 'F' Fly  #16 - 50p each


Red 'F' Fly #18 - 50p each


Red 'F' Fly #20 - 50p each


Olive 'F' Fly #16 - 50p each


Olive 'F' Fly #18 -  50p each


Olive 'F' Fly #20  -  50p each






Deer Caddis

CDC, hackles and Deer hair combine to create this buoyant pattern ideal for fast water. Handy to fish on the Bob/Top dropper with a spider on the point.


Olive Deer Caddis #14  - 50p each

Olive Deer Caddis #16  -  50p each



Dark Tan Deer Caddis #14  -  50p each

Dark Tan Deer Caddis #16  -  50p each



Natural Deer Caddis #14  -  50p each

Natural Deer Caddis #16  -  50p each 




Hackled Dryflies

The following patterns are tied in a tradional style. Hen and cock hackles combine to make a very natural looking fly that will tempt fish on any water, especially useful on glides and still pools. These are tied with the minimum of hackle and body materials, use Gink to get them to float and a tissue/amadou cloth to squeeze them dry helps.




Light Olive Dun  #14  -  50p each 

Light Olive Dun #16  -  50p each






Medium Olive Dun #14  -  50p each 

Medium Olive Dun #16  -  50p each



Blue Winged OIive #14  -  50p each

Blue Winged Olive #16  -  50p each




Pale Watery Dun #14  -  50p each



Pale Watery Dun #16  -  50p each



Red Spinner #14  -  50p each

Red Spinner #16  -  50p each




North Country Spiders

These are key patterns on any running water imitating a wide range of free swimming aquatic insects. The names help section but patterns like the Needle Flies will be taken by any fish feeding on slim bodied flies not just Needle Flies!


The quill bodies on these flies look very realistic, varnished for extra strength.

2016 light needle nc14

Light Needle  NC#14  -  45p each

Light Needle  NC#16  -  45p each 



2016 dark needle nc14


Dark Needle  NC#14  -  45p each

Dark Needle  NC#16  -  45p each



A dubbed body makes these flies more bulky than other tyings, imites larger nymphs and pupa





Hackled Hares Ear NC#14  -  45p each

Hackled Hares Ear NC#16  -  45p each






Hackled Olive Hares Ear #14  -  45p each

Hackled Olive Hares Ear #16  -  45p each




Hot Spiders

Try these in coloured or peat stained water, pink works well when all else fails!



Hot Tups #14  -  40p each

Hot Tups #16  -  40p each




Flamethrower #14  -  40p each

Flamethrower #16  -  40p each




North Country Spider Selection

Not all are North Country but good flies to use on any running water. (handy for wild trout on stillwaters as well)

Black Spider, Coch y Bondhu, Tups, Greenwells, Gold Ribbed Hares Ear


North Country Spiders #14   10 flies for £2.90  

North Country Spiders #16  10 flies for £2.90 




Weighted Nymphs and Larva

These are ideal patterns to fish on the point with Spiders on droppers. Tied on smaller hooks than other weighted flies these are ideal for wild Trout and Grayling.  The weight of the fly anchors the cast, resulting in a slower drift of the team. A useful tactic is to use two weighted patterns, one on the point and another on a dropper 12 inches away, the combined weight make the team fish deeper than standard tyings. If you need something heavier try a Czech Nymph.


Micro Worms

All action fly that tempts fish fished dead drift or retrieved. A larger fly than the hook size suggests. Weighted with copper wire.


Black Micro Worms #16  -  45p each 

Red Micro Worm #16  -  45p each


2016 grhe ls14 

Leaded GRHE Larva LS#14  -  45p each


2016 ls14 larva

Leaded Caddis Larva LS#14  -  45p each




Weighted (Copper wire) Pheasant Tail Pupa #14  -  40p each


Weighted (Copper wire) Pheasant Tail Pupa #16  -  40p each


More flies for the river: Yorkshire Spiders ,

Clyde Style Spiders & Czech Nymphs


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